JAI uses ChatGPT as a tool

JAI is a conversationalist:

JAI is built on IBM Watson® is a conversational and contextual AI that helps you manage your daily activities by keeping track of your schedules, car, to-do list, weather, and more. JAI lets you stay productive while you multitask, so you can keep your eyes on the road, your hands busy with food-prepping, or simply free up your mind with less administrative hassle.  ChatGPT is used by JAI as the agent that carries on a conversation with you as you would with any person you speak with.


Watson and ChatGPT makes JAI practical


JAI talks to you as if you are speaking to a person, able to carry on a conversation.

Powerfull Concierge

Use JAI as you would use a hotel concierge.  Let JAI help you get through your day so you can sweat the big picture and JAI keeps track of the details.

How JAI helps

JAI learns your preference and remembers them when you ask for JAI’s help.  For instance, say you want to get directions to an unfamiliar location.  JAI not only gives you directions but also suggests the best route and will report weather conditions for your arrival.  Additionally if JAI detects your vehicle needs gas it will alert you well before to schedule a gas stop before your arrival.

What make JAI so useful

JAI learns from you.  As you use it, JAI will remember your preferences.  For examples, it will learn you favorite place to buy groceries, your favorite place to order pizza and perhaps your favorite place to  do your walk.  It will use this information to help make it easier to go to these places.  For the grocery store, JAI will inform you when the items usually purchased are on special.  For the pizza place, it will remember your usual order and it will volunteer coupons or special deals if available.


JAI is AI that adapts to your life’s needs


JAI’s goal is to learn how to help you.  It adapts uniquely to your experience.  What JAI learns is secure and  will never disclose any personal details to outside parties.  

How does JAI enhance user functionality?

JAI remembers your individual behavior and can carry on a conversation based on your context. So when you connect our mobile app to your vehicle, JAI will keep you organized, and get you to your destination safely and on-time while easily toggling between topics that matter to you, from schedules to high-priority vehicle alerts.


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