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 Introducing JAI – A Personal Concierge App

Built on IBM Watson® is a conversational and contextual AI that helps you manage your daily activities by keeping track of your schedules, car, to-do list, weather, and more. J.AI lets you stay productive while you multitask, so you can keep your eyes on the road, your hands busy with food-prepping, or simply free up your mind with less administrative hassle.

 Here’s what makes the JAI App so special

JAI remembers your individual behavior and can carry on a conversation based on your context. So when you connect our mobile app to your vehicle, J.AI will keep you organized, and get you to your destination safely and on-time while easily toggling between topics that matter to you, from schedules to high-priority vehicle alerts.

What makes JAI App different

Vehicle Assistance


Including alerts & ability to call ahead and schedule maintenance on-the-go.

Calendar & Scheduling


Including reminders at the right time and place.

Weather Details


Knows where you are and where you are going.  Timely weather help.

To-do lists


Shopping lists – add, revise, and cross off items, hands – free.

Email Coordination


Reads aloud your emails, responding to and notifying you of new emails.

Call & Text

Hands Free!

Dictate texts to family and friends with ease.

JAI saves time by learning about you

JAI is different.  It learns about you while you go about your day.  Give JAI a week to learn about you so that it can help you as you plan your day, shop for your groceries, plan your outings and eventually start helping you efficiently deal with the most boring and time consuming items you deal with daily.  Try it.

JAI is a conversationalist

JAI does not just lookup your question on the internet and respond with WIKI entries or search queries.  JAI is a conversationalist.  Talk to JAI like you would talk to a person.  It will answer with interesting, timely and many times witty answers.  Try it out for yourself, link to the Appstore or Google Play to download JAI.

Pre-Register today and get 1 month of service free once available.

The JAI App will be available via the Appstore for iPhone and Google Play for Android users during the Fall of 2022.


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