AirWire Jarvis

900 Million+ Cars Worldwide

US 280 Million+ Cars

Most new cars have an intelligent assistant.  What about the cars on the road now?  AirWire brings the Intelligent Assistant to cars equipped with an OBD II port.  900 Million+ cars worldwide can have the AirWire Connected Car Solution installed!

Artificial Intelligence

Any Vehicle

New vehicles have an Alexa, Cortana and other Intelligent Assistants.  AirWire has the Intelligent Assistant for cars on the road now.  Your 2000 model vehicle will have a more advanced Intelligent Assistant than presently found in new BMW’s, Mercedes and Cadillacs!

AirConnect Intelligent Assistant

Hands Free Control of Internet while Driving

The AirConnect App has the Intelligent Assistant that brings the power of Watson Assistant to help you use the Internet while driving, Hands Free. Use it to navigate, search the Internet and navigate without taking your hand off the steering wheel.