AirWire LTE Mobile Hotspot

Connected Car OBD Solution

The smart, connected car is now possible with the AirWire OBD Connected Car solution.  AirWire offers the hardware to put any OBD port equipped vehicle to communicate telematics, safety, security, location and other information on the vehicle.  Connected vehicle will change the car ownership experience.  Click the image or the left margin to reach a data sheet on this device.


LTE Mobile Router

Look at this device as a nomadic CPE device.  By providing a power source via the USB port, this device becomes a hotspot providing the internet via the LTE network.  Operators can give customers a home or office option to accessing their LTE network.

Battery LTE Pocket Router

AirWire’s LTE Battery Mobile Router provides a solution to operators that want to give their LTE network access to their subscribers and competitor subscribers.  AirWire has built in features to allow operators to bring in subscribers via the WiFi interface.