Pinyon Technology Introduces AirWire


Pinyon Technology Introduces AirWire WiMAX Tri-Band Antenna

– New antenna supports the WiMAX market around the world –

RENO, Nev., March 16 /PRNewswire/ — Pinyon Technologies, developer of unique antenna solutions based upon its patented AirWire® technology, today announced its WiMAX Tri-Band antenna.  The AirWire WiMAX Tri-Band antennas cover all of the licensed spectrum profiles for WiMAX enabling OEM manufacturers to outfit their CPE for any WiMAX market around the world with the same antenna.  AirWire WiMAX Tri-Band antennas provide polar diversity, adding an additional degree of antenna diversity to a wireless system equipped with MIMO spatial diversity.

“Pinyon’s patented resonant slot AirWire antenna is specifically designed to operate in noisy environments through polarization diversity,” said Debashis Bagchi, Pinyon Technologies CEO.  “Polarization diversity allows AirWire to capture horizontally polarized signals which most existing antennas ignore.”

Pinyon’s AirWire WiMAX Tri-Band antennas can be customized for various form factors.  These antennas cover the WiMAX spectrum profiles of 2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz and maintain high gain across all the band profiles.  They can also accommodate any connector type.

Pinyon’s AirWire™ WiMAX Tri-Band antenna polar diversity works to stabilize the link between the CPE and the WiMAX base station.  Most collinear and dipole antennas, commonly used on CPE, only transmit and receive vertically polarized signals.  AirWire WiMAX antenna’s polar diversity uniquely overcomes this common shortcoming by detecting both horizontally and vertically polarized signals.  Urban and indoor building environments produce horizontally polarized signal reflections that collinear or dipole antennas completely ignore.  Ignoring these horizontally polarized reflections reduces the chances of establishing a stable radio link resulting in substantially reducing throughput.

About Pinyon Technologies

Headquartered in Reno, Nev., Pinyon Technologies develops, designs and commercially sells antenna solutions based upon a unique, patented AirWire technology.  Pinyon’s unique AirWire technology is designed for WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, UWB and mobile applications.  Pinyon’s robust AirWire technology is adaptable to other wireless applications as the technology is scalable to multiple frequencies. AirWire is well suited for applications that require high gain in a noisy multipath environment.  Pinyon’s business model consists of licensing as well as manufacturing and selling antennas as end products based on the application.  AirWire enhances applications that require the following features: high efficiency to maximize gain, customizable for precise radiation pattern control, real-time control for beam steering, current driven for scalability, and intrinsic band pass filtering to minimize noise.  For more information, visit

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